Annual Lease

The Annual Lease program gives RV owners the opportunity to enjoy Point Sebago all season, from May through October. In addition to access to the resort amenities, activities, and entertainment, the Annual Lease program offers discounts at various locations throughout the resort. Make Point Sebago your home away from home for a whole season of vacationing.

Annual Leases start at $4,600.

Summer Gas Saver

Point Sebago has a whole lot going on in the summer. Hundreds of hours of activities and dozens of entertainment opportunities each week. When you add in the beach, marina, golf, and restaurant, you'll have a hard time cramming it all into one week, maybe even two weeks. Well... fret not, we're now offering a 4-week Summer Gas Saver in select Park Homes. How does this work?

Book any 4-week (28 day) period between June 27 and August 29 for only $3,695 (more than 30% off normal rates). Stay the entire time. Come up on weekends. Mix and match. The site is yours for a month. Imagine the vacationing possibilities.

Spring or Fall Gas Saver

Starting at $575 for a campsite and $1,075 for a Park Home, the Gas Saver program affords guests the chance to stay at Poi