Another year of fierce competition with thousands of dollars in prizes up for grabs. This year's highlights included a custom-written song, two shout outs to our General Manager, Don Toms, and fondness for one of our Activities counselors. We laughed, we cried, we loved watching these videos. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all who participated.

Grand Prize Winner

Ryan from Minneapolis, MN
$1,200 Towards a 2012 Summer Vacation

From the first frame, "Point Sebago. It does a body good," we knew that this video was going to be entertaining. Our favorite moments included the repeated mentions of affection for Dylan, the Activities counselor, "I love Don Toms," and "I love losing... gracefully." We enjoyed the nice mixture of stills and video along with enough humor to make us laugh out loud. Well done.

Runner Up

Devon from Port Jefferson Station, NY
$500 Towards a 2012 Summer Vacation

Another nice mixture of stills and video. We really liked the "Dear diary..." approach. Highlights included an epic Pickleball victory dance, and video evidence of the most disturbing Hands Up performance ever.

Third Place

A Tie Between Andrew from Lindenhurst, NY and Justin from Fort Hood, TX
Both Will Receive A 2012 Getaway Weekend for 2

Andrew from Lindenhurst, NY

This was a first for the video contest... a custom song. Andrew was spittin' lyrical bombs faster than Busta Rhymes. Some our favorite lines include:
"Hot like bikinis on the cute moms, big like Don Toms..."
"Five days of great volleyball, I'm really glad my best friend is so tall."
"Chippity Chipmunk, the cheery Chippy. We go to Maine and not Mississippi."

Justin from Fort Hood, TX

Using a song which remixed nearly every pop hit from the past year, this video was a great overview of the Point Sebago experience. It's clear that this group participates in dozens of Activities events and even wins some (based on their collection of "I Won It!" t-shirts).

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